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Purchasing agents inspect properties on behalf of their clients, accompany them on all presentations, in order to ensure the most efficient property viewing experience, advise their clients and assist them during the entire buying process from acquiring properties that meet clients’ requirements to negotiate the best prices.


Aamerah has expert agents in advising clients by gathering up-to-date market information on pricing and marketing techniques and offering guidance and assistance through the property sale process after conducting surveys on market conditions.


A specialized leasing agent assists asset owners in renting out their property to potential clients, performing various actions such as preparing lease documents, screening potential tenants for qualification, helping them understand the benefits and services, and facilitating their lease for a specified period of time.


Aamerah through its agents helps you to buy and sell real estate but with the primary intention of resale on profit basis, whether for individual use or for rental investment in its best way while ensuring that there is the best information and guidance in the market in your field of interest from various possible options so that you can quickly get your goal.


Aamerah seeks through the market analysis service to reduce risks because it enables it to better understand its customers and market conditions, as our team can provide a clear action plan that makes you different from competitors, and know the competitive advantage that you can focus on and move to a higher level, and we can serve our customers in a better way. greater by providing a set of ideas that serve the desires of customers.


Aamerah   is characterized by a professional and experienced team that oversees all the details of the property, and always seeks to gain the trust of customers, to increase revenues and preserve the property through periodic and preventive maintenance, solving emergencies and ensuring that clients’ properties are safe at all times. These services will save a lot of effort and time on the property owner.


Aamerah Real Estate allows you to buy properties on the plan before its construction, where the buyer may even be able to sell the contract to someone else, which means he has the possibility of earning a profit on the property before its completion.

Real estate is sometimes marketed to real estate speculators who buy it with the aim of making capital gains by taking advantage of any discounts and selling in a rising market.


Aamerah   has specialists in providing full assistance in the service of reselling properties to customers who have bought them for multiple purposes and providing that service with the best possible quality and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our agents help our customers make the right decision regarding the resale of previously owned and mortgaged properties as well.


The service is provided after the customer makes the purchase and includes a wide range of services that meet the needs of consumers in case of there is  any damage or damage, and is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week.


Aamerah has a dedicated asset management team with a clear focus on returns for its clients and their goals, balancing costs, opportunities, and risks against the required asset performance to achieve asset owners’ goals, by adopting a disciplined method and sophisticated analytical tools, which adds coordinated value to its clients’ investments. This service is generally available to individuals, companies and financial intermediaries.


Aamerah offers flexible and effective payment plans to meet customer needs, making every effort to deliver their payments in a timely manner without any delay while keeping the information confidential and keeping the customer’s payment plans intact.


Our agents assist in obtaining loans, through a process known as mortgage creation to raise funds to buy real estate, It is a loan that allows the client to borrow money on the condition of a mortgage that he owns and this is determined by a period of time subject to a fixed or variable interest rate depending on the mortgage conditions followed. s needs to buy his dream property according to a specific interest rate depending on financial market conditions and calculated with the monthly instalments incurred by the customer to repay the loan amount, Aamerah offers these services with ease and saves time and effort for customers.


Consultants experts provide profitable real estate investment opportunities related to property after obtaining the data that provides them with this information, they also assess clients ‘ needs and goals to determine their needs and provide clients with recommendations and advice on the selected real estate to invest in.


We have our trusted partners who are passionate, determined, innovative and experienced in providing investment advice to customers with high returns. They provide consultations that benefit customers with what they are looking for, especially for investors at the beginning of their business. Therefore, we advise our customers to invest in our third-party companies, whatever other options they have to invest, which guarantee financial profits


Aamerah has gained an excellent reputation through its innovative solutions with its outstanding performance in the UAE real estate market, offering its customers additional services such as company establishment, residential visa, insurance and property-related services, ranging from sale and rental of residential and commercial properties in Dubai.

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